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SkyTrek Adventure at Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam 3-1-2010

Went Bukit Cahaya for Skytrek. Why? I’ve heard about Skytrek for months, and I’ve been gathering people to go (because if 10pax got discount and private coach ma!) , but no people *hiu* me. Some tell me scare la… some no time la… aiyah… Esiew told me an even funny reason… I too old to play these game liow!

Enjoyed the skytrek session, but didn’t take all photos of the challenges as YM is having a risk 17 meters above ground level holding my camera.
Allow me to explain what “sky trekking” is… in case you guys are scratching your heads already. Sky trekking in layman term simply means jungle trekking in the sky. Understand bor? Not helpful enough? Hehe… Well, let’s give it another try. You know Tarzan right. Ya… Tarzan swing from tree to another tree, which is basically what it means to sky trekking.

Ok... we were there at about 11am. Not much bright sun-light. Just nice for sky-trekking. YM purchasing entrance ticket.
The entrance to the Skytrek. It was on the left side of the park. We did not take the yellow shuttle bus there... because our session was 12noon. We had an hour before our session, so we took a walk instead. It was not near lor... we walked for like 5KMs if not mistaken! Stupid idea of walking..... because nothing much to see de. Only trees and leaves... hehe

While walking towards the entrance, we saw a small group already on the track. In my mind... thinking... Cheh... so low only isit...somemore frighten me. This one sap sap water la!!!

See.... so low... somemore macam Kid's play lor! No challenge at all de~

At the counter, we are requested to sign an indemnity form and put on harness even though you are the real Tarzan!

The indemnity form basically means “I (the provider) want to protect your life as much as possible but I don’t want to be responsible for your life”

[I’ve made a kesimpulan on the long long wordy A4 paper].

Able to purchase gloves for RM3 here and also drinks.

Fully geared onto our harness and pulleys.

I'm ready to go... Yo yo yo~

We were put to a group of another 5+7 person. Me and YM is batch number 1, together with the other 5 person. After we were all ready on the harnesses, it’s time for training. Instructor allows us to do some basic skills of sky trekking before the real thing. He stressed out that the two carabineers (one long, one short) and the pulley – were our “best friend” and should always be put at the right place at the right time.

The rule is to always have the carabineers fastened on the metal ropes with red tape and always use pulley when you are trekking horizontally. And don’t ask me anything more because I have already returned all that to the Instructor after the trip…hehehe

Every theory must come with practical. All of us were given a chance to practice what we have absorbed… And the training part was… sap sap water la. I was like grinning all the way… until I saw the Real Height of the Real Thing we were suppose to climb on!

Then, I saw this TALL stairs!! What is this? Is this where our game suppose to be? Then only I realise the earlier one we saw are REALLY for KID'S FUN only. The real track is above this!!!!

God…It was High lor… super high. Just climbing that damn stair already hand felt pain liow. Not forgetting to count and shouting at people below “Shit… my hand very pain liow… how many steps more I’ll reach……” and I kept receiving the same answer from people below telling me “Still got about 4 more… 4 more steps only… Kambadeh….”. Four more… is a big bull shit. I can see myself… I can’t even see the platform yet… mana ada 4 more steps saja!!!

Could you see how high is it from the ground?

Me doing stunt up there. Hanging on the stairs.... thinking why still so long haven't reach the platform one!!!

Finally I'm up there. Looking back down.... Gosh... super high up lor!!!

This is another easy one~ Jalan Terus saja~

This one LOOKs difficult, but it's actually not so la. U have to cross over via the wire only.


This was a very hard course especially when you are not so tall like me. U end up half hanging and half dangling your legs!

Climbing down for the next adventure

The highlight of sky trekking is actually the flying fox a.k.a wild rocket as some name it…

Too bad I don't have pictures of all the different trails.

This was damn easy. Just swing, and is THE best challenge of all! Just let go and swing your way to another tree! Yooo Hooo~

The challenge that I hated to most must be the hanging tubes. The distance was short, but it seemed so hard. The instructor kept telling me to step a feet at 1 tube at a time. But the tubes kept swinging, forth and back, left and right, which I couldn’t really step on them. After struggling for a few moments, finally managed to walk thru (yoo hoo!)

Then it came this tarzan swing. We both skipped this challenge. Because we saw the face of the earlier group which were all having a bad time with this challenge. Hehehe... we chicken out and used the *flying fox* exit instead!

By this time I was pretty confident and this seemed like a not-too-difficult trail. So I walked on confidently and quickly, smiling at the guide standing below. I know the technique liow. So I know exactly how you need to swing while balancing your feet.

The netting challenge

For the net-thing, I missed it the first time, and swung backwards like a pendulum. The instructor standing below shouted, "You better grab the net the next time, or you'll be left dangling in the middle and we'll have to rescue you." I got hit right smack in the middle of the net. Then the torture began.

I had to climb towards the platform on the upper left. I almost died. My arms were screaming for mercy. It required a lot of upper body strength which I don't have. I was so close to just letting go, and the only reason I didn't was the embarrassing thought because it’s me whom insist of going through this challenge and not chicken out. Because I thought I already “chicken out” for one challenge, and I’m not going to do it the second time. So this challenge I must conquer it. YM skipped this challenge and took the easy way out – he exit via the flying fox.

So, with a lot of pain, I 'die die also' forced myself to climb. When I finally eased my behind onto that wooden platform, the feel of my butt hitting something solid never felt so good.

Finally a last Flying Fox that led me back to the ground (finally!). It's not that very high up, but it certainly is very long.

Very relaxing… and beautiful.After about 2 hours of the fun time, finally we got to the end exit. We both enjoyed it pretty much.

I must say Skytrekking is really awesome and we really had a great time there! And there’ll be an extreme challenge ,maybe someday when I crazy again… I’ll make another booking with it. I am so looking forward to that!!

My thought after this trip: This is definitely a “must have” once in a life time experience. The trip taught me to keep the tenacity and courage to go through all the challenges. There is no turning back for sky trekking once you’ve started. You either do it when you are up there or wait for rescue.

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